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Static Electricity 5A-01 Add to Cart Video Link
Interactions of Electric Charge 5A-02 Add to Cart
Two-by-Four Electroscope 5A-03 Add to Cart Video Link
Insulators and Conductors 5A-04 Add to Cart Video Link
Kelvin Water Dropper 5A-05 Add to Cart
Electroscopes 5A-06 Add to Cart Video Link
Electrostatic Generators 5A-07 Add to Cart
Electric Field Lines of Two Point Charges 5A-08 Add to Cart
Faraday’s Ice Pail with Electrometer 5A-09 Add to Cart
Motion in an Electric Field 5A-10 Add to Cart Video Link 1
Video Link 2
Electrostatic Shielding (Faraday Cage) 5A-11 Add to Cart
Gauss' Law: Charge Within a Conductor 5A-12 Add to Cart
Gauss' Law--No Internal Field 5A-13 Add to Cart
Electrophorus 5A-14 Add to Cart
Cyclotron Model 5A-15 Add to Cart
Electric Potential Proof Plane 5A-16 Add to Cart
Static Charge Indicator 5A-17 Add to Cart
Charge Distribution on a Conductor 5A-21 Add to Cart
Electric Wind 5A-23 Add to Cart Video Link
Capacitor Types 5A-24 Add to Cart
Area Dependence on Capacitance 5A-26 Add to Cart
Parallel Plate Capacitor 5A-28 Add to Cart
Energy Stored in a Capacitor 5A-29 Add to Cart
Dielectrics 5A-30 Add to Cart
Electric Dipole Model 5A-31 Add to Cart
Separable Leyden Jar 5A-32 Add to Cart
Electric Field Lines 5A-34 Add to Cart
Detection of Electric Potential with a Fluorescent Tube 5A-35 Add to Cart
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