Demos: 5A-34 Electric Field Lines

This demo illustrates electric field lines in a variety of electrode configurations. It consists of three parts: a Static Genecon, which is a hand held electrostatic generator; an observation tank which consists of a fine electrified powder in oil; several different electrode plates.

Directions: Slide an electrode into the observation chamber. Attach the leads of the Static Genecon to the observation chamber and turn the crank. Electrical charge will collect on the electrodes and the powder will align itself in the oil following electric field lines.

Suggestions for Presentation: The observation tank with electrode can be placed on the Document Camera for all of the class to see the different electric field line configurations. Comments can be made about the direction, strength and different shapes of the electric field corresponding to the different types of electrodes.

Applications: Electric Fields, Coulomb's Law

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM