Demos: 5A-09 Faraday’s Ice Pail with Electrometer

The Faraday Ice Pail works on the principle that an electric charge placed inside a conducting pail will induce an equal electric charge outside the pail. This demonstration allows you to quantitatively show electrical charge using an Electrometer which takes readings in terms of volts. Start the demonstration by grounding both the pail and the shield (touch your finger on both simultaneously). Charge a conducting wand and place it inside the inner pail without touching the pail and note the electrometer reading. Remove the wand (without touching the pail) and note the reading. Insert the charged wand again and let it touch the inside of the pail and then remove the wand. Note the reading on the electrometer. Ground the pail and bring the wand in contact with pail again. Note the reading on the electrometer.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM