Demos: 5A-30 Dielectrics

The same parallel plate capacitor and projection voltmeter used in 5A - 28 are used to show the effects of dielectrics on capacitance. With the plates charged as before, changes in the readings of the voltmeter are noted as a variety of materials is introduced into the gap. The materials include hard rubber, paraffin wax, a plastic sheet, paper and glass.

Directions: Follow the instructions for 5A - 28 for charging the plates. Because of charge leakage, be sure the voltage is the same before introducing each of the dielectric samples. This may mean recharging the plates a few times.

Suggestions for Presentation: Discuss ahead of time the expected result when a dielectric is introduced between the plates of a capacitor. Look for relative voltage changes since keeping the initial voltage at the same value could be a problem

Applications: All types of commercial capacitors.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM