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History of Hubert M. James Lecture Series

The Hubert M. James Lecture Series brings distinguished physicists to Purdue University to highlight fundamental aspects of physics for a broad university audience. The Department of Physics and Astronomy established the Hubert James Lecture in 1990 thanks to the generosity of the James family and in recognition of Prof. James’s outstanding service to Purdue University from 1936 to 1974.

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List of Hubert M. James Lecture Series
2024Prof. Paul Corkum"Attosecond Science"
2023Prof. David Hertzog"Muons: Particles of the Moment"
2021Prof. Sara Seager"Exoplanets and the Search for Atmospheric Biosignature Gases"
2018Prof. Barry Barish"Gravitational Wave Detections from Black Hole Collisions and Neutron Star Collisions"
2016Dr. Andrea Ghez"The Monster at the Heart of the Milky Way"
2013Dr. Theodor W. Hansch"Passion for Precision"
2012Dr. Frank Wilczek"Quantum Beauty"
2011Dr. Sankar Das Sarma"Computing with Quantum Knots: Majorana Fermions, Non-Abelians Anyons, and Topological Quantum Computation"
2010Prof. Margaret Murnane"Attosecond Light and Science at the Time-scale of the Electron: Coherent X-rays from Tabletop Ultrafast Lasers"
2009Prof. Alexander Pines"Some recent developments in unconventional NMR and MRI"
2008Prof. Roger Blandford"Black Holes: The end of Time or a New Beginning"
2006Prof. Alexei Abrikosov"Superconductivity: History and Current State"
2004Prof. John D. Barrow"The Constants of Nature"
2003Prof. Edward W. "Rocky" Kolb"The Quantum and the Cosmos"
2002Prof. Donald M. Eigler"There's Plenty of Room in the Middle: A Perspective From the Bottom"
2000Prof. Michael V. Berry"Seven Wonders of Physics"
1999Prof. Marvin L. Cohen"Predicting New Materials: Alchemy with Computers"
1998Prof. Ivar Giaever"An Electrical Method to Monitor Cell in Tissue Culture"
1997Prof. David M. Lee"Superfluidity in Liquid Helium Three"
1996Prof. C. Kumar N. Patel"Support for Science in the 21st Century: An Immodest Proposal"
1996Prof. Freeman J. Dyson"How the Dinosaurs Might Have Been Saved: Detection and Deflection of Earth-Impacting Bodies"
1995Prof. Walter Kohn"Electronic Structure of Atoms, Molecules, and Solids: an Alternative Approach"
1993Prof. Leon Lederman"The God Particle: If the Universe is the Answer, What is the Question?"
1992Prof. C.N. Yang"Symmetry and Physics"
1992Prof. Nicolaas Bloembergen"Nonlinear Optics: A Historical Perspective"
1990Prof. Norman F. Ramsey"Time and the Physical Universe"
1990Prof. Frederick Reines"The Neutrino: From Poltergeist to Particle"
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