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PHYS295: Outreach Assistance as Service Learning (PAST/FUTURE SEMESTER)


Typically offered Fall and Spring,1-3 Credit Hours


Prerequisites: desire, commitment, dependability responsibility.

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Physics 295 is a service learning class available to students willing and able to deliver physics lessons to K-12 classrooms and to other public events. Students are required to prepare and rehearse labs/activities so they are able to offer professional presentations. Students are also required to maintain a reflection journal, where they record notes about their experiences. Although efforts are made to work around students' schedules, students should have at least on open morning or afternoon each week (preferably 2-3) that allows them to visit an assigned site on a regular, consistent basis. One credit is equivalent to 32 hours of involvement in preparation and/or delivery of activities, and journaling time.


Sederberg, David


Sederberg, David

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