Physics 21900 - General Physics II

Course description

Syllabus: Download the syllabus here.
Schedule: An approximate class/homework schedule can be downloaded here.
Instructor: Jones
Offering: Fall, 4 credit hours
Room: Phys 112
Time: M,W 10:30-11:20 am
Prerequisites: Physics 218
Text: Etkina, Gentile, and van Heuvelen: College Physics WITH modified MasteringPhysics Access Code, 1st Ed., (Pearson)
ISBN: 9781323064573. This is the same text used for the prerequisite course (Physics 218).
If you do not buy the package above and prefer only an e-text with a modified MasteringPhysics Access Code,
please make sure to purchase this ISBN: 9780321918444.

Important information

We will use Blackboard to provide access to grades and for most of the course material.

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The final exam is currently scheduled for Friday, December 18th, 3:30 pm-5:30 pm in room PHYS 112.

Lecture notes

Aug 24Lecture 1Introduction
Aug 26Lecture 2Electric charge and Coulomb's law
Aug 31Lecture 3Electric potential energy
Sep 2Lecture 4Electric field
Sep 9Lecture 5Electric potential and equipotential surfaces
Sep 14Lecture 6Capacitance
Sep 16Lecture 7Electric current and resistance
Sep 21Lecture 8Electric circuits
Sep 23Lecture 9Kirchhoff's rules
Sep 28Lecture 10Magnetism
Sep 30Lecture 11Magnetic force
Oct 5Lecture 12Magnetic fields
Oct 7Lecture 13Magnetic induction, Faraday's Law, Lenz's Law
Oct 14Lecture 14Induced EMF
Oct 19Lecture 15Transformers
Oct 21Lecture 16Propagation of light, reflection
Oct 26Lecture 17Refraction, total internal reflection
Oct 28Lecture 18Spherical mirrors
Nov 2Lecture 19Thin lenses
Nov 4Lecture 20Wave optics, diffraction
Nov 9Lecture 21Interference from thin films and diffraction gratings
Nov 11Lecture 22Electromagnetic waves
Nov 16Lecture 23Intensity, energy density, and polarization
Nov 18Lecture 24Quantum optics
Nov 23Lecture 25Bohr atomic model
Nov 30Lecture 26de Broglie waves, atomic quantum numbers
Dec 2Lecture 27Nuclear structure
Dec 7Lecture 28Nuclear decays, fission, fusion

Practice exams