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CMS phase II forward pixel upgrade workshop

The workshop took place in November 2017 and is intended to bring together the forward pixel enthusiasts to discuss recent progress, challenges, and near- and long-term plans for the silicon pixel detector at the heart of the upgraded CMS detector. The 2-day workshop provides a forum for discussing the experience gained from the phase-I FPIX upgrade, as well as sessions for the major thrusts of the TFPX/FPIX upgrade: Mechanics, Mock-ups, Electronics, DAQ, ROC-sensor assemblies, test beam data taking periods. About 35-40 participants (10 via video) came together to discuss on their favorite topic: silicon pixel detectors.

The workshop included tours of Purdue's Composite Manufacturing & Simulation Center (CMSC) and the in-house Purdue Silicon Detector Laboratory (PSDL), and both tours were well received and participants are impressed by the capabilities of the CMSC and PSDL.