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High Energy Physics

Office Hours / Open Positions

Office hours for undergraduate and graduate student research opportunities or general inquiries are available during these times for Undergraduates: Monday 3:00 to 4:00pm and Wednesday 9:00 to 10am, as well as for Graduate students on Thursday 9:00 to 10am

We are currently offering Ph.D. positions in the area of CMS data analysis employing the 13 TeV data as well as silicon detector upgrade projects for the High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC. Below is a short list of the potential graduate research topics, please contact me anytime more information on Ph.D. research.

  • Top quark spin correlations & Entanglement
  • Constraining new physics via precision top quark measurements
  • Top Quark Yukawa coupling
  • Silicon pixel detector and mechanical support structure R&D

Other specific job openings are posted further below. There are also a variety of research opportunities for undergraduate students during the semester, please contact me for more information on potential UG research projects.

Research for undergraduate students

Undergraduate students at Purdue University can contact Prof Jung at any time and check for UG research projects in the Jung group. During summer breaks the Summer Stay Scholar program, see below, is open for applications by Purdue UG students as well. Other UG research opportunities are briefly mentioned below.

  • Students from Universities in the Americas please check the SROP, SURF, UREP-C, REU programs for UG research projects in the Jung group.
  • UG students from Purdue University interested in going abroad - please check the Study Abroad program at Purdue University for a UG research project at the TU Dortmund, Germany.
  • UG students from Germany interested in a research project at Purdue University - please check the german TU Dortmund - PeP et al. Study Abroad program and DAAD program for UG research projects in the Jung group.
  • The Summer Stay Scholars is an on-campus summer scholarship for undergraduate students at Purdue University campuses that combines on-campus summer coursework with a research or internship experience in West Lafayette. If you are selected for Summer Stay Scholars, you will receive a $2,500 scholarship to go towards of your tuition and fees during the summer. A $2,500 scholarship would cover full tuition and fees for a resident student and be a sizeable decrease in the total cost for non-resident or international students. You'll not only receive the financial assistance, but the research or internship experience will greatly enhance your coursework as well as give you a head start on your career.
My group regularly offers those opportunities for excellent Purdue Summer Stay scholars. The following link gives all relevant information including the scholarship application, which typically opens in mid January and has a deadline of end of February; as well as how to qualify for the scholarship: Purdue Summer Stay Scholar program


Prof. Andreas Jung
email: anjung (at)
phone: +1 765 494 5399
Department of Physics & Astronomy
525 Northwestern Ave.
West Lafayette, IN, 47906

Specific job openings

Currently none.