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Winter 2022

Newton's Cart
Educators looking to find an experiment to convey Newton's Third Law may find that our Newton's Cart experiment on the Saturday Morning Astrophysics YouTube channel fits the bill. With a simple apparatus constructed of a small slab of wood, a few screws, rubber bands and some steel marbles, students will measure distance and time.

Physics and Astronomy K-12 Outreach

Learn with students around the world on the YouTube Channel: Saturday Morning Astrophysics at Purdue

Story by Cheryl Pierce

Published March 02, 2022

Did you know that the Department of Physics and Astronomy keeps K-12 students around the world engaged in science education?  Through the pandemic, David Sederberg Director of Physics & Astronomy Outreach, needed to switch gears to help all of the teachers who were suddenly teaching remote.  He helped students across the globe learn about physics and astronomy from the comfort and safety of their living rooms.  In addition to his standard array of outreach programs, Sederberg added a YouTube channel offering out-of-this-world lessons.  

The channel, named Saturday Morning Astrophysics at Purdue, has had thousands of view and has reached an untold number of students, teachers, and people generally interested in astrophysics.  Check out a sampling of the outreach videos the channel has to offer.




This channel grows weekly, so be sure and like and subscribe so that you can keep up with the growing library of lessons provided by Physics and Astronomy K-12 Outreach.