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ASTR560 — Spring 2018

ASTR560: Stellar Evolution

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Spring, 3 credits


Graduate status or PHYS 342 or PHYS 344

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(PHYS 560) Observational basis of astrophysics; formation of galaxies and stars; evolution of stars; white dwarfs, supernovae and neutron stars, pulsars, quasars, black holes; cosmic rays, their origin and acceleration; radio astronomy, radio galaxies; the H-21 cm line and the 3mK blackbody radiation; gravitational radiation; X-ray and g-ray astronomy; cosmology; space physics, magnetosphere, and solar wind.


Lee, Kyoung-Soo


Lee, Kyoung-Soo

Textbook(s) for Spring 2018
Title Author Edition ISBN Publisher Req/Opt Notes
The Physics of Stars A.C. Phillips 2nd; (May 4, 1999) 978-0471987987 Wiley & Sons Required

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