Physics and Astronomy - Course Details

PHYS670F (PHYS67000)


Spring, Lab. 3, cr. 3




A new graduate level course is being offered which will provide modern laboratory experience for graduate students in physics. The emphasis will be on student initiative in accomplishing difficult but meaningful results. The list of experiments currently includes: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy; High Temperature Superconductors: fabrication, x-ray characterization, and resistance; Construction of tunable diode laser systems: Magneto-optic trap for laser cooling and trapping; High Energy Electron Diffraction for UHV Surface Studies. Other experiments are being planned which will cover a wide range of modern physics. Eventually there will be a large inventory of experiments from which to choose. There will be no "cookbook" lab instructions. The students will sthare in the responsibility of determining how to conduct many of these experiments. Students will be permitted to work on their experiments outside of the scheduled meeting time, as needed. Grades will be determined by the quality of the lab reports and the contents of each student's lab notebook.

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