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PHYS570P (PHYS57000)




This course is designed for MS & PhD students doing semiconductor research (including Engineering students, who are welcome!). A knowledge of elementary quantum mechanics & elementary statistical physics is assumed. Some knowledge of elementary solid state physics would be helpful, but isn't essential. It would be helpful (but it isn't vital) to have had a solid state physics course similar to our Physics 545.


This course will explore the basic physics and material properties of modern semiconductor nanostructures. Particular emphasis will be placed on fabrication techniques for semiconducting quantum wells, wires, and dots. Fundamental and practical aspects of molecular beam epitaxy and chemical vapor deposition will be covered. State-of-the-art nanomaterial structural characterization techniques will be reviewed. The impact of reduced dimensionality on the electrical and optical properties of nanostructures will be studied. The close connection between fundamental physics and the implementation of new device concepts will be illustrated in some detail with examples from photonic devices.

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