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PHYS522 (PHYS52200)


Spring, 3 Credits


Prerequisite: PHYS 330, 550; PHYS 322 or 422; or Prerequisite: M E 587. Authorized equivalent courses or consent of instructor may be used in satisfying course pre- and co-requisites.


Introduction to quantum optics and quantum photonics, from atomic/molecular/optical (AMO) to solid state/nano systems. Topics include: review of classical optics and quantum mechanics; quantum optics of photons, coherence and correlation; light-matter interaction in atomic as well as solid state systems; lasers; laser cooling, atom optics and Bose-Einstein condensation; cavity QED and opto-mechanics; EIT/slow light, quantum information, and quantum computing and experimental systems such as ion traps, NV centers etc; quantum control and optically synthetic quantum matter and other current research topics.

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