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WebCN - Rock Age Calculation

* Disclaimer *

WebCN is a computational aid, and is not intended to replace personal understanding of the AMS methods, procedures, or applications on which this program relies. While all efforts have been made to insure that the results of this program will be accurate and reliable, we make no guarantees in this regard.

Nuclide *         Nuclide   36Cl
Nuclide concentration * (atom/g sio2)   Error *
Latitude * (in degree o) Sample material density * (g/cm3) Absorption freepath length(g/cm2)
Longtitude (in degree o) SLHL Production Proportion (in %)
Altitude * (in km)
Spallation   Fast muon   Slow muon
slope (in degree o) SLHL Production rates in atom/g/yr
Thickness(in cm) 10Be SLHL production rate
Vertical distance(in cm) Error
Exposure Erosion rate (m/Myr) Half-life (My) 10Be Error
Obstruction (comma separated, in o)
Azimuth Inclination