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Chemical and physical sample preparation

PRIME Lab has the capability to perform physical and chemical preparation for all nuclides and most types of samples that are measured by accelerator mass spectrometry at our facility. These facilities are available for use by members of the scientific community. The prices for our analytical services are shown on our webpage's Price List.

We have well-equipped laboratories for physical preparation of most geologic samples. We routinely crush rocks and obtain mineral separates for subsequent chemical processing. This laboratory is located in the Physics building.

Our laboratories for chemical separations for 10Be, 26Al, 36Cl, and 129I are located in two well-equipped laboratories in the Department of Chemistry. Both are completely equipped for routine processing of low-level samples. Radiocarbon samples are processed in PRIME LAB. We also now have a laboratory in which in-situ 14C can be extracted from quartz samples.  Biomedical 14C, 26Al, and 41Ca sample preparation is done in laboratories located in the Physics building.

A total of 600-800 targets are prepared at PRIME Lab during a typical year; most of these are for outside users. All our routinely used chemical procedures are available for use and/or comment Chemical Procedures.

 As part of our educational mission for the NSF we host graduate students and researchers who want to participate in their own sample preparation or would like to learn these techniques with the goal of establishing their own laboratories. These visits are arranged and coordinated by PRIME Lab staff.