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Why are we so safety conscious?


Safety is the number one priority of The Mineral Separation Lab. The chemicals used in this lab are extremely dangerous. We give our information about equipment used for safety in this website, not only for our lab, but also for other labs in need of information on safety equipment, procedures, and other important links. The equipment used in this lab is provided by many different scientific equipment industries given on our Equipment Links Page feel free to browse or even Contact our lab for more information.


Hydrofluoric Acid is a very dangerous chemical that can cause severe burns and even death. The use of hydrofluoric acid in this lab is necessary for the chemistry done in order to process our samples. However, we take safety very seriously. Not only is hydrofluoric acid used in this lab, we also use other dangerous chemicals such as LST, which can cause blindness, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide. There has been a history of unintentional fatalities in the workroom caused by hydrofluoric acid by unsafe labeling, improper use of equipment and unsafe storage of acid. Articles such as this one: Fatal Unintentional Occupational Poisonings by Hydrofluoric Acid in the U.S. (PDF) from the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, can show the many reasons to take proper precautions in the workspace.

Spill Kit

It is important to realize the value of one's health. Even though it is quite uncommon to have accidents, it can become even more uncommon if proper precautions and standards are in place. Important safety links are given on this website including AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration). This website also includes information about where we get our equipment, all the information sheets on the chemicals used in the lab and a special page devoted to hydrfluoric acid safety.