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Quartz Vials

Technical Information:

Below are the drawings for our vials and caps. Note that we use Quartz Scientific for the vials. The file names (before the underscore) represent our custom catalog number for these items with Quartz Scientific, though anyone can buy from them with that catalog number.

Also note that we use the flat-bottomed vials; if you use the round-bottomed vials you need to 
make your own quarz-glass grinding rods. We have bought quartz-glass crucibles and beakers from Technical Glass Products and have been happy with them.

Round Bottom Vial Drawling (PDF)

Cap Drawling (PDF)

Flat Bottom Vial Drawling (PDF)


Jack Watson
Technical Glass Products
881 Callendar Blvd.
Painesville Ohio 44077
Phone: 440-639-6399
Fax: 440 639-1292


Quartz Scientific, Inc
819 East Street
Fairport Harbor, OH 44077
Toll Free: 800-229-2186
Phone: 440-354-2186
Fax: 440-354-6381


 "Loading Pins"/Drillbits/"Tamping rods"


600 N County Line Rd.
Elmhurst, IL 60126-2034
Sales and Customer Service: (630) 833-0300 or (630) 600-3600
Fax: (630) 834-9427

Cat No.: 2900A214
Hardened Undersized High-Speed M2 Tool Steel Rod, 1.15 mm Diameter, 1-3/4" Long