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Application for Free Seed Sample Analyses at PRIME Lab


PRIME Lab awards a limited number of sample analyses as a free service to scientists who need pilot data to show feasibility of projects for proposals to NSF and other agencies. To receive consideration for free samples we require a short proposal as outlined below. Note that free sample analyses receive lower priority than funded analyses.

To receive consideration for free chemical sample preparation services and/or AMS analysis a proposal must be completed in the format described below and submitted by email (Microsoft Word files are preferred). Proposals will be ranked by our program advisory committee. Decisions will be made within one month of submission. For declined proposals we usually make suggestions and request that they be resubmitted. We will keep proposals confidential to the extent possible; however, in some cases we may request comments from an outside expert reviewer.

Direct any questions and submit completed proposals to

Prof. Paul Muzikar
Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory
Purdue University
Phone: 765-494-3046

Evaluation Criteria

The most important criteria that will be used to rank proposals are the quality and significance of the science, feasibility, and originality of the proposed research. The quality of prior research based on the listed publications and grants will also be considered. In addition, the criteria listed below will be taken into account.

  1. Chief investigator is on the faculty of a university in the USA.
  2. Research is in the area of the solid earth sciences, fundable by the NSF/EAR division that provides base support to PRIME Lab.
  3. Funding is available for sample collection, any needed auxiliary analyses (such as elemental determination needed for 36Cl exposure dating), and sample shipping costs.
  4. It is anticipated that the results from this project will be published in a refereed journal without the need for further sample measurements.
  5. It is anticipated that a proposal will be submitted for further work in this area using these seed analyses to establish feasibility and that funding for additional AMS analyses at PRIME Lab will be requested.

Proposal Template

Please prepare your proposal according to the template given below. Reproduce the numbering and headings given in caps in your proposal, but do not include the text below each heading.

Download The Seed Proposal Template Here (Word)