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  1. In this computing tool, three major reaction mechanisms for production of 36Cl are included:
    1. Spallation of 39K, 40Ca,56Fe and 48Ti
    2. Thermal neutron activation of 35Cl
    3. Muon capture of 40Ca and 39K

  2. For subsurface production, neutrons are included from
    1. Spallation and evaporation neutrons produced by cosmic rays
    2. Negative muon capture and fast muon induced photonuclear reactions
    3. Spontaneus fission of 238U
    4. (a ,n) reactions following a decay of U and Th

  3. The model used for computing the surface exposure ages is described by Phillips et al 2000, which includes epithermal neutrons in the distribution of low energy neutron fluxes. The related neutron parameters are from "Atlas of Neutron Resonances" (S. F. Mughabghab, April 17, 2006)

  4. Paleomagnetic correction is based on DEZR 2003 model. Error is only including AMS error

  5. CSV Upload files are used to input geolocation data, element composition, etc., and results can be downloaded.

  6. A PIN is needed to access it. Contact us  if you want one.