Physics 564 - Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics

Lecture notes and supplementary material

Lecture 1 (ppt| pdf) Aug 23Course information, historical introduction, overview
Lecture 2 (pdf) Aug 25Relativity, 4-vectors and related notation
Lecture 3 (pdf) Aug 30Particle decays, relativistic kinematics
Lecture 4 (pdf) Sep 01Relativistic kinematics of collisions
Lecture 5 (pdf) Sep 06Kinematics of collisions, probability, Monte Carlo methods
Lecture 6 (pdf| ppt) Sep 08Monte Carlo methods, pdf's and histograms
Lecture 7 (pdf) Sep 13Fermi's Golden Rule
Lecture 8 (pdf) Sep 15Cross sections, decay rates, symmetry constraints
Lecture 9 (pdf) Sep 20Symmetries, quantum numbers, spin, parity and strangeness
Lecture 10 (pdf) Sep 22Isospin, the quark model
Lecture 10 (pdf) Sep 27Quark model wavefunctions, mass formulas
Lecture 11 (pdf) Sep 29Quark current diagrams, charmonium production
Lecture 12 (pdf) Oct 4Heavy quarkonium, spectroscopy
Lecture 13 (pdf) Oct 6Klein-Gordon Equation
Lecture 14 (pdf) Oct 13Feynman diagrams for spinless fields
Lecture 15 (pdf) Oct 18Cross sections for spinless charged particles
Lecture 16 (pdf) Oct 20Dirac equation, spin 1/2 particles
Properties of Pauli and Dirac matrices
Lecture 16 (pdf) Oct 25Feynman diagrams: e+e-→μ+μ-, γe-→γe-
Lecture 17 (pdf) Oct 27eμ scattering, deep inelastic scattering
Lecture 18 (pdf) Nov 1Proton/neutron structure functions
Lecture 19 (pdf) Nov 3Higher order processes, Quantum ChromoDynamics
Lecture 20 (pdf) Nov 8Weak interactions
Lecture 21 (pdf) Nov 10Neutrino scattering processes
Lecture 22 (pdf) Nov 15Deep inelastic neutrino scattering, weak neutral currents
Lecture 23 (pdf) Nov 17Lepton universality, weak couplings to quarks
Lecture 24 (pdf) Nov 22Weak coupling to quarks, lack of FCNC, the CKM matrix
Lecture 25 (pdf) Nov 29The neutral kaon system: oscillations, regeneration and CP violation