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   Solid State & Nano Physics (GrapheneTopological InsulatorsWigner Crystals/2DES)    

   AMO Physics (BECCold Molecules)    

   Other: Applications (Bioengineering)

quantum research

Nanoscale Materials, Physics and Devices

A) Graphene and 2D materials

  1. Synthetic graphene grown by chemical vapor deposition (CVD)
  2. Quantum transport and Dirac fermion physics in graphene 
  3. Graphene based radiation detection 
  4. Thermal transport in graphene

B) Topological Insulators and related materials   

1. Development of topological insulator and related materials

(List of bulk crystals grown at Purdue's Semiconductor Crystal Growth facilities using Bridgman method)

2. Novel "topological physics" such as topological excitonic condensation, quantum-Hall-like topological state, novel particle excitations (Majorana/Weyl fermions etc.)

3. Topological device applications in transistors, spintronics and thermoelectrics 

Some background materials on topological insulators

A short review  


Quantum Physics and Engineering with Atoms and Molecules


A) Bose-Einstein Condensation

B) Polar molecules and quantum information

Previous Research by Dr. Yong P. Chen