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Cold Molecules & Collisions

Coherenet quantum chemisty in photoassociation (in a Bose-Einstein condensate):

[203] David B. Blasing, Jesús Pérez-Ríos, Yangqian Yan, Sourav Dutta, Chuan-Hsun Li, Qi Zhou, Yong P. Chen, "Observation of Quantum Interference and Coherent Control in a Photo-Chemical Reaction", Physical Review Letters 121, 073202 (2018) [PDF]

Photoassociation of Cold LiRb Molecules:

[177] David B. Blasing, Ian C. Stevenson, Jesús Pérez-Ríos, Daniel S. Elliott, Yong P. Chen, "Short-range Photoassociation of LiRb", Physical Review A 94, 062504 (2016) [PDF]

[129] Sourav Dutta, John Lorenz, Adeel Altaf, D. S. Elliott, Yong P. Chen, "Photoassociation of ultracold LiRb* molecules: observation of high efficiency and unitarity-limited rate saturation", Physical Review A, Rapid Communications, 89, 020702(R) (2014) [PDF] [Related News Article: "'Ultracold' molecules promising for quantum computing, simulation" by Science Daily]

[124] Sourav Dutta, D. S. Elliott, Yong P. Chen, "Formation of ultracold LiRb molecules by photoassociation near the Li (2s 2S1/2) + Rb (5p 2P1/2) asymptote", Europhysics Letters 104, 63001(2013) [PDF]

Li-Rb Dual Species Trap and Collisions:

[134] Sourav Dutta, Adeel Altaf, John Lorenz, D. S. Elliott, and Yong P. Chen, "Interspecies collision-induced losses in a dual species7Li-85Rb magneto-optical trap", Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 47, 105301 (2014) [PDF]  

Spectroscopy of LiRb Molecules:

[72] Sourav Dutta, Adeel Altaf, D. S. Elliott and Yong P. Chen, "Laser spectroscopy of the X1Σ+ and B 1Π states of the LiRb molecule", Chemical Physics Letters 511, 7 (2011) [PDF] [Erratum]