Yong P. Chen Research Group - Quantum Matter and Devices Lab - Purdue University

Bose-Einstein Condensates (BEC)

Representative Publications:

[203] David B. Blasing, Jesús Pérez-Ríos, Yangqian Yan, Sourav Dutta, Chuan-Hsun Li, Qi Zhou, Yong P. Chen, "Observation of Quantum Interference and Coherent Control in a Photo-Chemical Reaction", Physical Review Letters 121, 073202 (2018) [PDF]
[185] Abraham J. Olson*, David B. Blasing*, Chunlei Qu, Chuan-Hsun Li, Robert J. Niffenegger, Chuanwei Zhang, and Yong P. Chen, "Stueckelberg interferometry using periodically driven spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensates" (*equal contribution), Physical Review A 95, 043623 (2017) [PDF]
[137] Abraham J. Olson, Su-Ju Wang, Robert J. Niffenegger, Chuan-Hsun Li, Chris H. Greene, Yong P. Chen, "Tunable Landau-Zener transitions in a spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensate", Physical Review A 90, 013616 (2014) [PDF]

[123] Abraham J. Olson, Daniel L. Whitenack, Yong P. Chen, "Effects of magnetic dipole-dipole interactions in atomic Bose-Einstein condensates with tunable s-wave interactions", Physical Review A 88, 043609 (2013) [PDF]   

[117] Abraham J. Olson, Robert J. Niffenegger, Yong P. Chen, "Optimizing the efficiency of evaporative cooling in optical dipole traps", Physical Review A 87, 053613 (2013) [PDF] 

From Yong Chen's postdoc research at Rice:

[30] S. E. Pollack, D. Dries, M. Junker, Y.P. Chen, T. Corcovilos and R.G. Hulet, "Extreme tunability of interactions in a Li-7 Bose-Einstein condensate",Physical Review Letters 102, 090402 (2009) [PDF] (Selected by PRL as an "Editors' Suggestion")

[25] M. Junker, D. Dries, C.Welford, J. Hitchcock, Yong P. Chen and R. G. Hulet, "Photoassociation of a Bose-Einstein condensate near a Feshbach resonance", Physical Review Letters 101, 060406 (2008) [PDF]

[23] Yong P. Chen, J. Hitchcock, D. Dries, M. Junker, C. Welford and R. G. Hulet, "Phase coherence and superfluid-insulator transition in a disordered Bose-Einstein condensate", Physical Review A 77, 033632 (2008) [PDF