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QMD Labs    

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Lab B76A & B76C (Nanophysics Measurement Lab):  


nano2 preview

nano preview

  • Variable Temperature Insert (VTI) Mesurement System (1.4K-300K, with magnetic field up to 7T and sample rotation capability)
  • Lakeshore Variable Temperature Probe Station (4.2K-400K, with up to 2.5T vertical magnetic field, 4 DC probes up to 1GHz and 2 HF probes up to 40 GHz)
  • He-3
     (base temperature 280mK & magnetic field up to 5 T)
  • Cryogen-free ("dry") He-3/He-4 dilution refrigerator (base temperature 10mK)
  • MicroManipulator Probe Station
  • Raman spectroscopy microscope (available laser wavelength: 532nm, 638nm, 780nm) equipped with sample scanning stage for Raman mapping and 2 temperature-pressure controlled microchamber (allowing variable temperature for the sample from 4K to 900K)
  • Ambient Atomic force microscope (AFM) equiped also with STM/STS (scanning tunnelign microscopy/spectroscopy)  with other modes including MFM/SGM/SCM/EFM/KFPM etc. 
  • Edwards 306A Thermal Evaporator for Metal Deposition
  • Various electronic instruments, such as lock-in amplifiers, digital multimeters, voltage/current source meters and picoampmeters

Lab G57B (materials preparation):  






Lab G61 (lasers and AMO):  

(a-c) A 87Rb atom trap and quantum degenerate gas apparatus (cooling down atoms to <1μK);

(d) Image of a cold atom cloud in an optical trap.

  • 1550nm 50W laser
  • 780nm 800mW CW laser
  • 780nm 50mW CW DFB laser
  • 633nm 30mW CW laser
  • 532nm 8W laser
  • Newport Monochromator and Spectrometer
  • Rb atom trap (magneto-optical trap) 
  • Optical dipole trap producing Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) of 87Rb atoms
  • Synthetic gauge fields and spin-orbit fields (generated optically by Raman transitions)

Lab G57A (general purpose/office):  electronic and mechanical supplies

Physics Nanofabrication Facilities (by Prof. L. Rokhinson):

  • clean room
  • SEM and E-beam lithography
  • Thermoevaporators
  • Atomic Force Microscope

Facilities in Birck Nanotechnology Center Commonly used by QMD Lab:

Other facilities:

(a-c) A Li-Rb dual species atom trap apparatus for studying cold molecules (located in MSEE, joint with Prof. Dan Elliott);

 (d) Images of dual species magneto optical trap (MOT) atom clouds;

(e) Heatpipe Molecular Spectroscopy Apparatus.

Other on-campus facilities:
Amy Analytical Instrumentation Center (AAIC) in the Chemistry Department (various microscopy and spectroscopy etc.)

Off-Campus/National Lab Facilities accessed by QMD members:

From 2017, QMD Lab becomes an international node of WPI-AIMR International Collaboration Center on Materials Science, with access to various facilities in Tohoku Univ. Sendai, Japan (a major center for material science and spintronics), such as:

Tohoku High Magnetic Field Laboratory

Tohoku Center for Nanotechnology Support