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PRIME Lab Sample Submission Form

Please fill in all the applicable fields. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

A Submission form should be submitted for each "Batch" (grouping) of samples with the same funding source and the same isotope measurement mix (e.g. 10Be & 26Al). For Example, if you had a "Batch" of (5) 10Be Samples and a "Batch" of (7) 10Be & 26Al with the same funding source, you would need to submit the form twice. Once for each "Batch" of samples, because the isotope measurement mix is different.

What Is Your Role * How are you related to the funding of the samples?
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Email of Person Receiving the Bill (if other than you) This could be the P.I. or Business Office Contact
What Is The Sample's Funding Source *
Purchase Order Number (If required by your business office)
PRIME Lab Project Number (assigned) or Your Project Title (If you are continuing work on an existing project) You can see your existing projects in the PRIME Lab Sample Management System
Descriptive Project Title (If you are starting a NEW Project). Usually 1 - 3 Sentences describing the science or goal of the research and location
Example: "Provenance Analysis and Regional Geomorphologic evolution of Yichang Alluvial Fan in Jianghan Basin, China"
Grant Number (Required If NSF or USGS)
Number of Samples * (You Will Enter Your Sample List On The Next Page)
Sample Type *
Isotopes *
If 36Cl Rock, Sample Type
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Do these samples have a financial or academic deadline? If so please give a specific date and describe
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