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Rinse Fines

  • Rinsing Mineral Separation Lab
    The sample must be rinsed and the grains need to settle before pouring.
  • Pouring Muddy Water Out Mineral Separation Lab
    Once the bigger grains settle, pour out the muddy water until water is clear.
  • Filler Filler image

Even though the sample has been sieved, it still contains many very fine particles. To remove these fine grains, the sample is put in a beaker and filled two-thirds with deionized water. After allowing the larger grains to settle, the water is poured off. This process is repeated, often as many as 10 times, until the decanted water is clear.


  1. Write the sample name on a 4 liter beaker.
  2. Add ~ 500 mililiters of deionized water to the beaker.
  3. Pour the sample into the beaker slowly. Let as little dust escape as possible.
  4. Add enough Deionized water to fill the beaker about two-thirds full. Pour off the water.
  5. Repeat the last step (as many as 10 times) until the decanted water is clear.