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Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emmisions Spectrometer Preparation


The Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer (ICPOES) is used for elemental analysis of the sample material. We analyze the sample after the mineral separation procedure. This is done to tell if the sample is clean enough for beryllium and aluminum separation. If the aluminum concentration is above 200ppm, the sample will need additional cleaning. We also use the ICPOES for whole rock Chlorine 36 analysis as well as elemental analysis of meteorites.


  1. Note: Hydrofluoric acid is very dangerous. If a small amount is splashed on the skin, rinse it off, then rub in calcium gluconate, which is stored on the wall to the left of the hydrofluoric acid jug. For large amounts, also call 911. Be sure to label each bottle : "(sample name) in 1% HF/HNO3."
  2. 0.25g of clean quartz is weighed into a #4745 23mL Parr acid digestion bomb. We use the directions that are provided to us in the Parr Bomb Manual (PDF).
  3. A sample is diluted by a factor of 100 and then it is ready to be further analyzed by ICPOES.