Physics 42200 - Waves and Oscillations

Course description:

PDF version: Download syllabus and course schedule here.
Instructor: Jones
Title: Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics II
Offering: Spring, 3 credit hours.
Room : Phys 112
Time : M,W,F 3:30-4:20 pm
Prerequisites: Phys 272H, Phys 241
Text:A. P. French, Vibrations and Waves, M.I.T. Introductory Physics Series
Eugene Hecht, Optics - 4th Edition, Addison Wesley (recommended)
Grading:30% assignments, 30% midterm, 40% final
Lowest assignment grade discarded.
Description: The physics of waves and oscillations including sound, elastic, and electromagnetic waves. Topics range from the theory of simple harmonic oscillators, transverse modes of a continuous string, and physical optics including interference, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, and resolution, diffraction of X-rays and electrons by crystals.
Week of Jan 13 Introduction to free vibrations
Jan 20Linear approximations (No class Monday - MLK jr. Day)
Jan 27Damped oscillations
Feb 3Forced oscillations and resonance
Feb 10Coupled oscillating systems
Feb 17Coupled systems of many oscillators
Feb 24Waves in continuous media
Mar 3Waves in 3 dimensions
Mar 10Impedance and reflections
Mar 13(Thursday) Midterm exam - 8-10 pm, room 112... solutions... Distribution of grades.
Mar 14(Friday) No class.
Mar 17No classes - spring break
Mar 24Maxwell's equations
Mar 31Reflection of polarized light
Apr 7Geometric optics
Apr 14Interference phenomena
Apr 21Diffraction phenomena
Apr 28Review
May 8Final exam (Thursday) 3:30-5:30 pm, Phys 112... Distribution of grades
You can bring two pages of formuals/notes to the exam.
Assignments: Assignment 1 - Now due January 27th... Solutions.
Assignment 2 - Due February 10th... Solutions.
Assignment 3 - Due February 28th... Here are some suggestions. Please skip question 2(e). Solutions.
Assignment 4 - Due March 10th... Solutions.
Assignment 5 - Due April 4th... Solutions.
Assignment 6 - Due April 16th... Solutions.
Assignment 7 - Now due Wednesday, April 30th... Solutions.
Lecture notes: Will be found here...