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Ephraim Fischbach

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Ephraim Fischbach
PHYS 286
PHYS B40C(lab)
PHYS 322(Lab)
(765) 494-5506
(765) 496-6834
(765) 496-9675

Curriculum Vitae

B.A., Physics 1963 Columbia University
M.S., Physics 1964 University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., Physics 1967 University of Pennsylvania

Teaching Interests




Physics 600 Fall 2009, Fall 2010
Physics 601 Spring 2010, Spring 2011

Graduate Students





Buncher, John Aug-03 B.S. Aug-10
Cheng, Hai-Yang Aug-75 M.S. Dec-80
Coy, Jennifer Aug-97 B.S. Aug-06
Do, Binh Aug-94 M.S. May-03
Krause, Dennis Jun-87 B.A. Dec-94
Freeman, Belvin Aug-75 B.S. Dec-80
Gruenwald, John Sep-70 B.S. Aug-76
Javorsek, Dan Aug-99 B.S. Aug-01
Kloor, Harry Aug-88 B.S. Aug-94
Look, George Aug-73 B.S. May-77
Newport, John Aug-78 B.S. May-83
Parry, Michelle Aug-92 B.S. Aug-98
Simmons, Dean Sep-70 B.S. May-75
Stohler, Michael Jun-97 M.S. Aug-02
Sudarsky, Daniel Aug-82 B.S. Aug-89
Talmadge, Carrick Jun-81 B.S. Aug-87
Tu, Shu-ju Aug-92 M.S. Dec-01
Woodahl, Brian Aug-93 M.S. May-99
Yoakam, Marvin Sep-70 B.A. Aug-83
Current Students



Heim, Jordan Aug-07
Jenkins, Jere Nuclear Engineering
Mattes, Joshua Aug-04
Mohsinally, Tasneem Aug-07
Nistor, Jonathan Aug-07
O'Keefe, Daniel Aug-10
Awards and Honors
  • Fellow, American Physical Society, 2001
    Citation: For his contributions to understanding the connection between precision gravity measurements and high-energy physics.
Professional Experience
  • Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1979-present
  • Visiting Professor of Physics, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, 1985-86
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Physics, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook, NY, 1978-79
  • Associate Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1974-79
  • Assistant Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1970-74
  • Research Associate, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1969-70
  • Research Associate, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook, NY, 1967-69
Professional Activities
  • Consultant to the 1996, 1998, and 2000 particle Data Group for photons and gravitons.
  • Referee for Physical Review and Physical Review Letters.
    Physics Department Liaison to the Office of the Dean of Students for students with disabilities.
  • Departmental Committees: Outreach/Funfest, Undergraduate Recruitment, Graduate, Mentoring.
Selected Publications
  1. "Power Spectrum Analysis of BNL Decay-Rate Data", P.A. Sturrock, J.B. Buncher, E. Fischbach, J.T. Gruenwald, D. Javorsek II, J.H. Jenkins, R.H. Lee, J.J. Mattes and J.R. Newport, Astropart. Phys. (in press).
  2. "Analysis of Environmental Influences in Nuclear Half-Life Measurements Exhibiting Time-Dependent Decay Rates", J.H. Jenkins, D.W. Mundy, and E. Fischbach, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. A (2010), doi: 10.1016/j.nima.2010.03.129.
  3. "Cosmological Implications of Massive Gravitons", D.H. Eckhardt, J.L.G. Pestaña, and E. Fischbach, New Astronomy, 15, 175-179 (2010).
  4. "Evidence of Correlations Between Nuclear Decay Rates and Earth-Sun Distance", J.H. Jenkins, E. Fischbach, J.B. Buncher, J.T. Gruenwald, D.E. Krause, and J.J. Mattes, Astropart. Phys. 32, 42-46 (2009).
  5. "Time-Dependent Nuclear Decay Parameters: New Evidence for New Forces? ", E. Fischbach, J.B. Buncher, J.T. Gruenwald, J.H. Jenkins, D.E. Krause, J.J. Mattes and J.R. Newport, Space Sci. Rev., 145, 285-335 (2009).
  6. "Application of the Proximity Force Approximation to Gravitational and Yukawa-type Forces", R.S. Decca, E. Fischbach, G.L. Klimchitskaya, D.E. Krause, D. López, and V.M. Mostepanenko, Phys. Rev. D79, 124021 (2009).
  7. "Perturbation of Nuclear Decay rates During the Solar Flare of 2006 December 13", J.H. Jenkins and E. Fischbach, Astropart. Phys. 31, 407-411 (2009).
  8. "Tests of New Physics from Precise Measurements of the Casimir Pressure Between Two Gold-coated Plates", R.S. Decca, D. López, E. Fischbach, G.L. Klimchitskaya, D.E. Krause, and V.M. Moskpanenko, Phys. Rev. D75, 077101 (2007).
  9. "Laboratory Test of Newton’s Second Law for Small Accelerations", C.D. Spitzer, K.-Y. Choi, J.J. Coy, B. Woodahl, E. Fischbach, J.H. Gundlach, S. Schlamminger, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 050403(2007).
  10. "Experimental Investigation of the Casimir Force Beyond the Proximity Force Approximation", D.E. Krause, R.S. Decca, D. López, and E. Fischbach, Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 050403 (2007).
  11. "Non-Transitive Quantum Games", M.L. Stohler and E. Fischbach, Fizika B14 (2), 235-244 (2005).
  12. "Constraining New Forces in the Casimir Regime Using the Isoelectronic Technique", R.S. Decca, D. López, H.B. Chan, E. Fischbach, D.E. Krause, and C.R. Jamell, Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 240401 (2005).
  13. "Precise Determination of the Casimir Force and First Realization of a ‘Casimir Less’ Experiment", R.S. Decca, D. López, H.B. Chan, E. Fischbach, G.L. Klimchitskaya, D.E. Krause, and V.M. Mostepanenko, J. Low Temp. Phys. 135, 63-74 (2004).
  14. "Measurement of the Casimir Force between Dissimilar Metals", R.S. Decca, D. López, E. Fischbach and D.E. Krause, Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 050402 (2003).
  15. "Corrections to Fermi’s Golden Rule in phi rightarrow k bar k Decays", E. Fischbach, A.W. Overhauser and B. Woodahl, Phys. Lett. 526, 355-359 (2002).
  16. "Deflection of Spacecraft Trajectories as a New Test of General Relativity", J.M. Longuski, E. Fischbach, and D.J. Scheeres, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 2942 April 02 (2001).

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