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Virgil E. Barnes, II

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A.B., (Magna Cum Laude with Highest Honors) Physics 1957 Harvard University
Ph.D., Physics 1962 University of Cambridge, England. Advisor:   Otto R. Frisch

Professional Experience
  • Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1979-present
  • Associate Professor of Physics, Purdue University, 1969-79
  • Assistant Dean, College of Science, Purdue University, 1974-78
  • Research Associate, Assistant Physicist, Associate Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1962-69
Research Interests Current

CDF, pp bar collisions at the Collider Detector at Fermilab, including search for Supersymmetric (SUSY) particles.

Design, construction and calibration of the CDF Run II scintillating tile-fiber Endplug Calorimeter, including early discovery of wavelength shifting fiber patterns with excellent response uniformity over the entire scintillating tile, and demonstration of precision calorimeter calibration using moving radioactive sources.

Design, construction and calibration of the CMS Hadron Calorimeters, to probe beyond the Standard Model, including Higgs and SUSY particle searches, with 14 TeV pp collisions at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

Design R&D for gas Cherenkov calorimeters for use at Next Linear Collider and for possible ultra-high-luminosity "Super LHC" at CERN.

Characterization and development of SiPM (Silicon Photomultiplier) devices for use in High Energy Physics detectors.


Experimental High Energy Particle Physics while a member of the Purdue Physics faculty:
Fixed target Charmonium production at Fermilab
Weak charged and neutral current Neutrino interactions at Argonne and Fermilab, (including first observation of neutral currents in single pion production) 
Limit on neutrino decay lifetime and mass, at Argonne

While a staff member of the Brookhaven National Laboratory Physics Division: 
Study of the properties of many meson and baryon states, discovery of several mesons and baryons, at Brookhaven. For example:
Discovery and properties of the Ω- baryon 
Discovery and properties of the f(1520) meson 
Spin, parity, and decay rates of the K*(1420) meson, and the 2+ SU(3) nonet

Graduate Students Current:
  • Alexei Sedov (Search for the Stop particle in CDF Run 2 )
  • Arnold Pompos, Ph.D. 1993 ; (Search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark, CDF. Joint supervision with Bortoletto) Post doc D0 experiment, Oklahoma Group
  • James L. Tonnison, Ph.D.1994 (Search for the Top Quark in Lepton Plus Jets Events at CDF) Now working in Industry.
  • Martin Schub, Ph.D. 1989 (Ks Production in Minimum Bias Events at CDF) Scientist, U. of Minnesota.
  • James K. Simmons, Ph.D. 1988 (Measurements of _(3510), _(3555) and Neutral Strange Particles in Interactions of 200 and 250 GeV/c protons and 190 GeV/c π- with a Beryllium Target, Fermilab) Faculty, Carleton U.
  • AeSook Byon, Ph.D. 1988 (Central Production of Charged Particles at CDF). Now at the Department of Energy.
  • Sr, Loretta Dauwe, Ph.D 1980 (Particle production in π- p Interactions at 50 GeV/c) Faculty, U. Michigan at Flint.
  • William L. Morse, Ph.D. 1975 (π+p, K+p and pp interactions at 100 GeV/c using a Hybrid bubble chamber — spark chamber system, Fermilab) Physicist, Brookhaven National Laboratory, co-spokesperson for the Muon g-2 experiment.
Awards and Honors
  • Top ten in the 1953 U.S. Westinghouse Science Talent Search
  • Harvard University National Scholarship, 1953-57
  • Perkin Elmer Prize, Harvard University, 1956
  • Marshall Scholarship, University of Cambridge, England, 1957-59
  • NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, 1959-62
  • Listed in Who's Who in America, and Who's Who in the World
Professional and Scholarly Activities
  • Purdue Institutional Representative to the CMS Collaboration Board
  • Team Leader, Purdue group in CMS
  • Member American Physical Society
  • Member Division of Particles and Fields of the APS
  • Member American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member American Association of University Professors
  • Former consultant to the Particle Data Tables
  • Reviewer of articles for Physical Review Letters, Physical Review, Nuclear Instruments and Methods
  • Reviewer of grant applications to DOE, NSF
  • Program Committee of the IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, (Roma, October 18-23, 2004)
Teaching Interests

Highlights include PHYS 564, "Introduction to Elementary Particle Physics" as well as a variety of introductory physics courses for engineers, technology students, pharmacy and biology students, and others: PHYS 152, PHYS 241, PHYS 220, PHYS 218, PHYS 149.

Total Number of Undergraduate Students Supervised: 19 including research at Purdue, Fermilab, CERN and Brookhaven.

Recent Meeting Chairmanships
  • Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics, Aspen, Colorado, February 14-19, 2005 chaired a session on SUSY and new physics
  • 39th Moriond Conference, Electroweak Physics, LaThuile, Italy, March 21-28,2004; chaired a session on b physics
  • Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics, Aspen, Colorado, February 1-7, 2004; chaired a session on QCD.
  • Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics — "At the Frontiers of Particle Physics", Aspen, Colorado, January 19-25, 2003; chaired a session on "The TeV Scale"
  • Aspen Winter Conference on Particle Physics - "Current and Upcoming Discoveries", Aspen, Colorado, February 3-9, 2002; chaired the session on "New Results".
  • XXXVI Rencontres de Moriond, les Arcs, France, March 10-17, 2001; chaired a session on Electroweak Physics.
  • XXXV Rencontres de Moriond, les Arcs, France, March 11-18, 2000; chaired a session on Heavy Flavors.
  • Aspen Winter Physics Conference, January 17-24, 1999; chaired the session on CP violation.
Selected Publications (total 390)
  1. (D. Acosta), V. E. Barnes, G. Bolla, D. Bortoletto, A. Canepa, J. P. Fernandez, A. F. Garfinkel, K. Giolo, O. Gonzalez, M. Guenther, M. Jones, A. T. Laasanen, T. Moulik, A. Pompos, C. Rott, A. Sedov, et al., (CDF Collaboration), "Measurement of the tt bar production cross section in right p bar collisions at square root of s =1.96 TeV using dilepton events," Phys. Rev. Lett. 93, (142001), 7 pages, 1 Oct. 2004.
  2. (E. Hazen), V. E. Barnes, A. T. Laasanen, et al., "Radioactive source calibration technique for the CMS hadron calorimeter," Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 511, (3), 311-327, 1 Oct. 2003.
  3. (M. Albrow), V. E. Barnes, G. Bolla, A. T. Laasanen, et al., "Intercalibration of the longitudinal segments of a calorimeter system," Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 487, (3), 381-395, July 21, (2002).
  4. (D. Acosta), V. E. Barnes, G. Bolla, D. Bortoletto, J. P. Fernandez, A. F. Garfinkel, K. Giolo, C. Green, M. Guenther, A. D. Hardman, T. A. Keaffaber, A. T. Laasanen, T. Moulik, A. Pompas, C. Rott, A. Roy, A. Sedov, et al., (CDF Collaboration), "Search for the supersymmetric partner of the top quark in dilepton events from right p bar collisions at square root of s =1.8 TeV," Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, (251801), 7 pages, June 27, (2003).
  5. (M. Albrow), V. Barnes, A. Laasanen, et al., "The CDF plug upgrade electromagnetic calorimeter: test beam results," Nucl. Instrum. and Meth. A 480, (1-2), 524-546, 21 March (2002).
  6. T. Affolder et al., CDF collaboration, "Measurement of the top quark mass with the collider detector at Fermilab" - art. no. 032003, Phys. Rev. D 63 (3) 2003- , February 1, 2001.
  7. V.V. Abramov et al., "Studies of the response of the prototype CMS hadron calorimeter, including magnetic field effects, to pion, electron, and muon beams" Nucl. Instr. & Methods A457, 75-100, January 11, 2001.
  8. M. Albrow et al., "A preshower detector for the CDF Plug Upgrade: test beam results", Nucl. Instr. & Methods A431, 104-111, July 11, 1999.
  9. V. Barnes, A. Laasanen, A. Pompos and M. Wilson, "Calibration of the CDF Endplug Calorimeters Using Moving Radioactive Sources" invited talk by V. Barnes, proceedings SCIFI 97, Conference on Scintillating and Fiber Detectors, 420-427, American Institute of Physics, 1998.
  10. S.W. Han et al., Radiation hardness tests of scintillating tile / WLS fiber calorimeter modules, Nucl. Instr. & Methods A365, 337-351, 1995.
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