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The Group-Former Students

SoD = Date of Degree)

Dr. Steve Howell, former graduate student and current Post Doc. Steve is currently studying biological proteins with our newest SFM from Molecular Imaging. He's a Marine, too. Thesis: Electrostatic Force Microscopy Studies of Nanoscale Systems (pdf, 24.5 MB) (gzipped PostScript file, 6.0MB)

Laura Guirl, Studied SFM under Steve's benevolent tutelage.

Travis Martin, a NASA INAC undergraduate intern at Purdue for the summer of 2003. Travis worked on carbon nanotube growth. During Saturdays in the Fall, he catches passes for Alabama A&M’s football team.

Tom Castro
- DoD: December 1989. Tom did the initial pioneering work with clusters on field emission tips. Now working hard at Intel in the Metal Etch Area for the upcoming P7 chip. Last known e-mail address: TCASTRO@PTD.intel.com ; Tel: 408-765-9828.

Matt Dorogi - DoD: August 1995. Now working somewhere on the West Coast.

Chuck Egert - DoD: August 1983. Chuck was one of the first graduate students to work on photofield emission experiments at Purdue and laid the ground work for the group's long-term interest in field emission phenomena. Chuck became the group leader of the Advanced Microsytems Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratories in 1997. I'm sad to report that he passed away on 17 October 1998 at the age of 45.

Steven Fleshler - DoD: May 1993. (Steve actually did his thesis work with George Crabtree and Wai Kwok at Argonne National Laboratories). He is now employed at a high Tc company on the East Coast.

Barrett Gady - DoD: August 1996. Barrett measured the spatial variation of the force of attraction of small micron-size spheres to atomically flat substrates. In this way he was able to identify van der Waals and electrostatic contributions to the interaction force. As of March 1999, he is working at Xerox in Rochester NY. Email: Barrett.Gady@usa.xerox.com; Telephone: 716-422-5741.

Elton Graugnard - DoD: December 2000. Elton made a series of very systematic measurements on the electronic transport properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs). Working with Pedro de Pablo and Brian Walsh, he perfected a very simple and easy technique to make reliable electrical contact to nanotubes, thus allowing lots of data from a variety of different nanotubes. He learned that the transport properties at low temperature are dominated by Luttinger liquid behavior. He also proved that MWNTs are electrically noisy, even when they have good contacts to either end. He is now working as a post-doc with John Weaver at the University of Illiinois.

Yongli Gao - DoD: May 1986. Yongli measured final state effects in sub-threshold photoemission and compared his results to theoretical expectations. Yongli's answers were always right! Now a Professor of Physics at University of Rochester. Email: ygao@spanky.pas.rochester.edu

David Haavig - DoD: December 1983. Worked on the photofield emission experiment for his thesis. Great at interfacing the computer to the many experiments we wanted to try. Now working in optoelectronics with SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.) in San Diego. Last known telephone number: 619-546-6728. Email: daveh@mail.trg.saic.com

Seunghun Hong - DoD: August 1998. Measured the electrical conductivity of individual molecules incorporated in self-assembled monolayers (SAMs). He is now working as a research scientist at Northwestern University in Evanston IL.

Wai-Kwong Kwok - DoD: December 1987. (Wai actually did his thesis work with George Crabtree at Argonne National Laboratory). He is now working at Argonne National Laboratory.

Takhee Lee - DoD: May 2000. Takhee measured the electrical properties of nanocontacts to GaAs. He worked closely with Jia Liu and developed numerous techniques for the fabrication and characterization of nanometer-size electrical contacts to GaAs. He is now working as a post-doc with Mark reed at Yale.

Yun-Zhong Li - DoD: December 1989. Yun Zhong (Peter) built the first STM at Purdue in late 1985 and used it to study nanometer-size clusters on substrates. In the early days, we'd be happy to get one good image each day! He is now working with a bio-tech company in the Boston area. Last known email: peterli@mediaone.net

Mong-ea Lin - DoD: December 1991. Mong-ea measured the energy distributions of electrons from nanometer-size clusters as a function of size. A really neat experiment. Now working at Alpha Industries. His current (home) phone number is: 781-793-0528. Email: mlin@alphaind.com.

Dan Lovall - DoD: August 1997. Dan showed us all how to measure the structure of a nanocluster using a field-ion microscope. Tough experiment but really neat results! Now working at Xontech in Los Angeles. His current phone number is 818-787-7380 Ext. 229. Email: daniel.lovall@xontech.com.

Michael Miller - DoD: August 1987. Mr. Magnetic field. Probably the last person in the US to do a dHvA experiment! Now working with magnetic multilayers in the Materails Physics Branch at the Naval Research Laboratories in Washington DC. Last known e-mail address: miller@anvil.nrl.navy.mil . Phone: 202-767-5946.

Tom Miller - DoD: August 1994. A neat thesis on single electron tunneling in islands of layered high-Tc material. Now working as a senior scientist at KLA-Tencor in San Jose. Last known e-mail address: tom.miller@kla-tencor.com . Phone: 408-875-3000.

Stacy Mogren - DoD: December 1988. Probably the best electronics person to ever graduate from the group. Now working at the University Research Foundation in Maryland. Last known telephone number: 410-740-2089.

Mario Paniccia - DoD: December 1994. Now working at Intel.

Richard Piner - DoD: August 1990. Worked on one of the first STM experiments to reolce the structure of polymer single crystals. Mr. Programmer! Now working as a post-doc at Northwestern University.

Fred Pool - DoD: May 1988. Very systematic study of magnetotransport effects in narrow-gap semiconductors. Now working on quantum well infrared photodetectors (GaAs/AlGaAs) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in sunny Pasedena California. Telephone: 818-354-7218; email: frederick.s.pool@jpl.nasa.gov

David Schaefer - DoD: December 1993. Built the first AFM at Purdue and used it to measure the elastic properties of individual nanometer-size metallic clusters. Now a Professor of Physics at Towson State University in Maryland. Also a darn good weekend shortstop on the ballfields of Maryland. Last known e-mail address: schaefer@midget.towsen.edu. Telephone: 410-830-3007

Donald Schwartzkopf - DoD: August 1983. Set up the magnet system in our lab and used it to measure the magnetotransport properties of narrow-gap diluted magnetic semiconductors. Last heard he was working with ATandT.

Mojtaba Vaziri - DoD: August 1985. Very careful, very patient. Discovered that the the magnetotransport properties of HgFeSe were really interesting. Probably the best teacher that has worked in our group. Now a Professor of Physics at the University of Michigan, Flint campus. Telephone: 810-762-3409; E-mail: mvaz@umich.edu

Hema Viswanathan - DoD: December 1994. (Hema actually did her thesis work with Mark Kirk, George Crabtree, and Wai Kwok at Argonne National Laboratory). She is currently moving to a new position.



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