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If you are an undergraduate student at Purdue, you need to have a broad range of interests plus some formal training which might include courses in physics, chemistry and biology. You also need to have an interest in instrumentation and must be willing to learn how instruments work. If you are looking for a research project, we encourage you to come and speak with a member in the group. As a helpful guide and overall introduction to nanoscale research at the undergraduate level, we have asked Laetitia Soukiassian, an undergraduate at Purdue, to conduct a literature search and select only a few articles in nanophysics-related areas that she found most interesting and useful. Click here to see her report.

If you want to do graduate work in the nanoscale area, you must first apply for acceptance to a particular academic department at Purdue University. I receive many requests from many students asking me to forward their application to a department within the University. I'm sorry, but I can't write any letters to any committee at Purdue that will make your application more acceptable. After you have been accepted, please feel free to talk with any member of our group. We are especially interested in graduate students who (i) have a strong instumentation background, (ii) enjoy working with students from other disciplines, (iii) are good communicators (both in spoken AND written English), and (iv) are willing to work hard. We have on-going projets in the area of molecular wires, self-assembly, nanoscale clusters, nanotubes and bio-inspired nano-electronics.

If you are looking for a post-doctoral position, I'm sorry but I have no funding for such a position at this point in time. We always have proposals pending, so in the future, this situation may change.

If you are looking for a visiting professor or visiting scholar position, we welcome your interest in this area of research. Unfortunately, we have no funds to support your stay at Purdue, so you must come with funding in hand.

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