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The Group-Current Students

Scott Crittenden, graduate student. Scott is currently studying the properties of monolayers of the protein bacteriorhodopsin. Prelim: Scanning Force Microscopy Studies of Purple Membrane (gzipped pdf, 1.7MB)

Gabor Pszota, graduate student. Gabor is learning STM on our new Omicron STM/SFM.

Stephen Brown, undergraduate student. Steve Brown is working with the nanomanipulator.

Yexian Qin, graduate student. Working on novel scanning probe cantilevers.

Sorubh Mahadoo, graduate student. Working on the nanomanipulator.

Nick Vargo, undergraduate student. Working on 3D modeling of nanoscale objects.
Babita Dhayal, graduate student. Working on micromechanical sensing.
Chun Lan, graduate student. Working on carbon nanotubes.
Dr. Steve Tripp, postdoc associate. A PhD chemist working on micromechanical sensing.
Dr. Joel Therrien, INAC postdoctoral fellow. Working on UHV STM of Si nanoclusters.


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