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By way of introduction...

The nanophysics lab uses innovative experimental techniques to examine the physical properties of objects in the nanoscale size range, that is, a bit larger than the size of individual atoms. Some interesting physical properties that we measure include the electronic conductivity of small numbers of atoms and molecules, the forces arising between nanoscale objects, and the transition between the quantum behavior exhibited by a few atoms and the bulk properties of a large number of atoms.

Our lab focuses primarily on scanning probe techniques. Our first scanning probe microscope was built in 1986. Since then, we have built a number of scanning tunneling and scanning force microscopes. These instruments are the eyes that allow the study of nanometer-scale objects.

Because we had working scanning probe instruments well before they were commercially available, we have learned to interact with other groups across campus to solve interesting problems. On any given day, we have graduate students from Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Biology, Mechanical Engineering or Chemical Engineering that make use of the unique instruments and accumulated expertise that exists in our lab.

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