Demos: 7B-25 Line Spectrum Analysis

Photo of laptop connected to Oceans Optics Red Tide Spectrometer

Different discharge tubes or sources of light are analyzed by an Oceans Optics Red Tide Spectrometer. This is a preconfigured spectrometer where all optical bench options such as grating and entrance slit size are already selected. It can determine light intensity and has the capabilities to record and compare graphs of spectral lines from different sources. There is also a reference option to compare your data to known sources. The spectrometer operates through a computer interface so graphs and data can be projected on the large screens in the lecture hall. Available spectral tubes are: Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Deuterium, Helium, Hydrogen, Krypton, Mercury, Neon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Water and Xenon as well as incandescent or fluorescent light.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM