Demos: 7A-32 Optical Instrument Simulation

In the three instruments--simple magnifier, compound microscope and telescope--the final image seen by the eye is virtual. The principles are best demonstrated by showing (a) image formation by the eye lens (simple magnifier), (b) image formation by a microscope objective and (c) image formation by a telescope objective. The are illustrated by use of the large lens board.

Directions: The directions for use of this apparatus are contained in the Klinger pamphlet, Experiments 25, 26 and 27.

Suggestions for Presentation: Follow the suggestions written up in the pamphlet. In describing the difference between a telescope and microscope, point out that the difference is in kind, not in concept. Because a telescopic object is always very far away, the objective forms a real, greatly reduced image, and the telescope eyepiece magnifies this real image. In the microscope, the object is very close to the lens and forms a greatly enlarged real image. The microscope eyepiece further enlarges this real image.

Applications: Commercial optical systems such as microscopes, telescopes and binoculars.

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