Demos: 7A-14 Small Optics Set

Several experiments using mirrors, lenses and prisms can be performed with this set-up. A laser ray box provides one, three or five separate “rays” of red light. Various optical components can be placed under the document camera with the rays directed through them. The optical components are:
  1. Concave Lens
  2. Convex Lens
  3. Parallel Bar Prism
  4. Trapezoidal Prism
  5. Plane Mirror
  6. Curved Mirror (either concave or convex – reflected surface is flexible)
  7. Right Angle Lens
  8. Semi-Circular Prism
  9. Hollow Prism
There is also a 360 degree magnetic protractor mat that can be placed under this demonstration.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM