Demos: 6D-02 Induced EMF 2

A solenoid can slide into a larger solenoid and an iron core slips into the smaller solenoid. The microammeter attached to the larger coil shows the induced emf resulting from various combinations of sliding the smaller coil and the iron bar in and out of the larger coil.

Directions: Place the iron core into the smaller solenoid. Connect the latter to a 110 VDC source through the switch and rheostat. The ammeter is connected to the larger coil. Observe the induced emf with the smaller coil energized and (a) moved into the larger coil, (b) moved out of the larger coil, (c) at rest in the larger coil and (d) the same position as (c) but the bar alternately pushed in and pulled out.

Suggestions for Presentation: This demo is very similar to 6D - 01 and should be used in conjunction with it. Discuss the nature of the field surrounding the energized smaller solenoid and remind the students of the field’s similarity to that of a bar magnet. Then ask how the field would be changed upon introducing an iron core in the solenoid.


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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM