Demos: 6C-14 Discharging Capacitors

This demonstration shows the charging and/or discharging times for two different size capacitors (0.47 farads and 1.0 farads).

Directions for doing the demo: Start by hooking either capacitor in series with battery and light bulb. The light bulb will glow showing that the capacitor is charging. After a short time, the bulb will grow dark meaning that the capacitor is fully charged. Disconnect the battery from the circuit and place the capacitor in series with the light bulb. The bulb will begin to glow which means the capacitor is discharging.

Suggestions for Presentation: Compare the times for charging and discharging both capacitors. You can also discharge the capacitor through a LED to also contrast discharging times as compared to the light bulb.

Applications: Capacitance

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM