Demos: 6C-11 Frequency Effects in Capacitors and Inductors at audio frequency ranges

A variable frequency source drives the input of a Stereo Amplifier. The audio outputs of the stereo amplifier go to a speaker (channel 2) and a power output(channel 1) to power a capacitor and an inductors in series with lamps(25 watt). The capacitor can be changed to different values by a plug in arrangement. The inductance can be change by using various cores inside the coil.

Suggestions. For Presentation. The frequency of the source is variable. The output level of the source should be set at 10 o’clock. When the source turns on, the frequency starts at 1000 Hz. Press the down arrow on the frequency to get to 100 Hz. This is about the midpoint of the roll off for the inductor and the capacitor for a value of 220 µF Vary the frequency down to 30 Hz to 200 Hz to see the change in light intensity on the Lamps. Talk about impedance at frequency of L, C circuits.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM