Demos: 6B-05 Magnetic Field of Different Current Configurations

In this demonstration, two current configurations are set up to show the resulting magnetic field patterns associated with (a) a single loop and (b) a toroid. By sprinkling iron filings on the transparent plate, the field patterns are made visible.

Directions: As in Demo 6B-04, focus the overhead projector for the plastic plate and after turning on the power supply, sprinkle iron filings on the plate until a clear pattern emerges. Tapping the plate lightly helps establish a good pattern. When the desired pattern has emerged, discontinue sprinkling the filings.

Suggestions for Presentation: If you have not yet shown Demos 6B - 01 and/or 6B - 03, we suggest that you do so to establish the pattern of a single linear element. Then discuss how the loop is an extension of the single element. Place the loop on the overhead, focus on the plate and after turning on the power, sprinkle iron filings until a good pattern emerges. Tapping the plate will help. Before showing the pattern for the toroid, we suggest you present Demo 6B - 04 (Field Inside a Solenoid). Then ask the students to imagine “bending” the solenoid into a circle and think about the kind of pattern that might emerge. Then set up the toroid and show the field pattern with iron filings as before.

Applications: Tokomak

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM