Demos: 1S-04 Metronome

In Demonstration 1S - 2, we saw that shifting the mass position on a pendulum changes its period. In the metronome, the effect of shifting the slider is to change the rotational inertia and the restoring torque of the oscillating system.

Directions: The metronome is energized by a wind-up key. Release the arm from its containment and the arm will swing back and forth with a period depending on the position of the slider.

Suggestions for Presentation: One way to approach this is to first hold the rod & mass from Demo 1Q - 6 in your hand with the mass near the opposite end. Ask how it would affect the ability to swing it back and forth if the mass were re-positioned. Then show that the metronome is the same concept. The farther the mass from the pivot, the greater the rotational inertia.

Applications: This IS an application. The connection with music is apparent.

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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM