Demos: 1J-31 Flexible I-Beam

The Flexible I-beam demonstrates stiffness and deflection. Because of its composition, the plastic model flexes more than a steel I-beam thus making it easier to show that its vertical stiffness is greater than its horizontal stiffness.

Directions for doing the demo: Hold the I-beam and bend it in the upright and side directions. Which way is easier to bend when the same effort is applied?

Suggestions for Presentation: You can also set the I-beam in various configurations of load and support. Use a pencil for a rolling support, a clamp for a fixed support and a 1 kg weight for a load. Compare the I-beam to a straightedge from the various configurations to show the curvature of the beam.
Applications: Static Equilibrium, Elasticity


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Last Updated: May 9, 2016 11:44 AM