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Purdue resources

General Information

Lindsey Eggold's Padlet (has most relevant documents)

Life at Purdue

Housing survey (Excel file)

A basic guide for incoming students

You can check out the Incoming Graduate Student Guide to Physics @Purdue (PDF) for some useful tips on things like the Qualifier Exams, finding a house, what to do in and around campus.

Printing from College of Science printers (PDF)

Physics and Astronomy Department graduate resources page


Purdue's Funding Resources page

Purdue's Funding Financial Information page

Purdue's Page on Funding Tips

Physics Professors Seeking RAs

For physics students in particular, the math and chemistry departments hire outside TAs for their courses. 

Government funding opportunities




DoD graduate student fellowship

Resources on

Non-government funding opportunities

North Carolina State University's list of graduate fellowships

Pathways to Science:

Has some interesting information for those applying or having already entered graduate school

Cornell's Database

Cornell has a (slightly over-complete) Database of funding opportunities:

The Hertz Foundation

Funding available for some applied research as well.

Travel Funds

Women in Science Program Travel Grant

Professional & Travel Grants through PGSG

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