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PGSA Activities

PGSA hosts several social events annually for graduate students and members of the Physics department. Volunteers prepare coffee, hot water and cookies every Wednesday in the Grad lounge. Some activities that are done each year are:

First Year Meet and Greet (games and scavenger hunt) + bars

We organize this event for the new incoming graduate students to get to know other Physics graduate students, familiarize with the Physics building, etc.

Department picnic

Everyone from the Physics department is invited for a cookout in the Happy Hollow Park.

Canoe/Kayaking + Cookout

Everyone's invited for canoeing on the Wabash and later for food!

Thanksgiving Potluck

We all gather in the grad student lounge to feast on the Thanksgiving turkey!

Chinese New Year

Each year we celebrate the Chinese new year with tasty Chinese food, cool decorations and games!

Some other activities:

Dunes Trip: Trip to the Indiana dunes beaches!

Corn Maze: Get lost in the corn maze!

Halloween Costume at Neon Cactus: Personify your favorite character and get a chance to win prizes at Neon Cactus!

Bowling: Join us for a bowling night out at the PMU.

Star Gazing at Prairie Grass Observatory: Peaceful place, breathtaking views!

Shooting Range: A visit to the shooting range for gun enthusiasts.

Attending the Christmas Play/event or whatever it is Purdue does every year in Elliott.

Last Updated: May 7, 2020 4:35 PM