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PGSA Seminar Series

Graduate Student Seminar Series

The Graduate Student Seminar Series is managed by the Physics Graduate Student Association and is supported by the Department of Physics. It provides an opportunity for Physics graduate students to present their research in a colloquium-style forum. It is open to all and serves to inform every one of graduate student research activity in the Department of Physics. There is also ample opportunity, after the seminar, for informal discussions and feedback from the audience.

Format of the seminar:

The seminars are one-hour in length (50 minutes talk + 10 minutes Q&A) and attendance is open to all. The seminars will appeal to a broad spectrum of audience and should be accessible to any Physics graduate student (for example, at least 75 % of the talk should be accessible to first-year graduate students).

Abstract submission:

Speakers for the seminar are chosen through an abstract submission and review process. Any Physics graduate student who has worked for at least one year on a research project should consider submitting an abstract. Please use the form below to submit the abstract.

If you have further question, please contact Shayamal (singh905 @ purdue . edu) or Ranadeep (rdastida @ purdue . edu).

PGSA - Abstract Submission Form (Spring 2023)

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