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Welcome to the Purdue Analysis Facility!

The Purdue Analysis Facility provides an interactive environment for fast and scalable CMS physics analyses using dedicated computing resources.

Detailed documentation for the Purdue Analysis Facility

Accessing the Purdue Analysis Facility:

  • The Purdue Analysis Facility currently supports the following login options:
    • Purdue University account (BoilerKey)
    • CERN account (CMS users only)
    • FNAL account
  • The same person using different sign-in methods will be treated as different users: CERN and FNAL usernames are amended by -cern and -fnal suffixes, respectively, to avoid conflicts.

Storage options:

  • Each user is provided with a 25GB home directory at first login. These directories will persist between sessions, but will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity.
  • Users have read and write access to their CERN EOS directories.
  • Additionally, users have read-only access to Purdue EOS and Depot storage systems.


CPU Utilization

Raw Storage Use

Raw Storage Use