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Experimental Techniques - Nanomanipulation

We are currently integrating two separate systems into a Haptic SPM Interface device. Using the Nanomanipulator manufactured by 3rd Tech and a SPM from Nanotec Electronica we are attempting to provide realtime control of the SPM instrument via a user controlled force feedback device. This device will enable the user to interact with the surface being scanned while manipulating the tip-surface interaction. We are also focusing on a variety of experiments that will test the system’s ability while performing research that would not be possible in a system without a force feedback device. This coupling of a SPM and a force feedback device promises many new novel techniques for manipulation and data analysis that could provide the fundamental basis for future SPM scanning methods.

Our Haptic SPM interface is not currently completed. However, the techniques that we developing include abilities that have not been readily available to SPM scanning until the force feedback device was added as the control of the SPM instrument. Our future work will include manipulating small particles, working with biological samples, and critically testing our ultimate ability to manipulate at the nanometer length scale.

This work is primarily enabled by the close collaboration of Prof. Hong Tan from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the good people from 3rd Tech and Nanotec Electronica.


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