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Ice Cream Social

October,  2019

Writer(s): Riddhi Mehta


On Thursday, October 10th, PGSA and the Society of Physics Students (SPS) came together for the first time for a joint dinner and ice cream social in the graduate student lounge. In all, a total of about 50 graduate and undergraduate physics students attended this social organized by PGSA’s Social Events Coordinator, Abby Kopec and SPS’s Outreach Coordinator, Victoria Benkowski. The event started with a variety of pizza where undergrads got a chance to mingle with grads and exchange helpful tidbits about academic life in physics. This was followed by making fresh nitrogen ice cream using the liquid nitrogen gas which Abby acquired from her Dark Matters lab, which took a couple of tries to perfect the texture and taste along with supplementing it with various toppings! Undoubtedly, the ice cream was the highlight of the event!


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